Date(s) - Wednesday 10 April, 2019 - Saturday 13 April, 2019
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Women’s Wellness – The M Word. There is a word that strikes fear into the hearts of females the world over. The dreaded M word, whispered, indicated and denied, vilified. It’s safe to say we all agree there needs to be change.

A better way has been found! Lets face it a close second to the word menopause is the word peri- menopause, so what is the answer? A better approach to the years of a woman’s life that can span a fifteen year period.

So here is the answer…

Women supporting other women in a variety of ways in a FREE wellness online summit.

The summit will span three days of online teachings and will include over fifteen local guest speakers whom are top of their field in this area.

So lets be kind and call it a woman’s second phase, as currently seventy plus million around the world are experiencing at least one form of peri-menopausal or menopausal symptoms. Time to speak up.

The Women’s Wellness online summit will run over three days and topics will include;

Weight management
Good sleep guide
Posture alignment & core strength
Pilates for core strength
The practice of gratitude and journaling
Nutrition for hormone balance
Managing mental health
Setting life goals
Emotional Mastery
Gut health for happy hormones
Essential oils for hormone balance
Fermentation to support gut health
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
Spiritual growth
Skin care

The summit will be streamed from day one and is free to watch for up to 24hrs and is then replaced with the next day’s content. We want this summit to provide support for all women who wish to take back control of their wellness.

The definition of wellness, is healthy mind, healthy body and healthy spirit all combined. This holistic approach is specifically designed to work in tune with nature and the female system.

This online summit is completely FREE. However bearing in mind busy schedules, children and work we will be adding the option of purchasing the full online course to keep and be watched at your leisure. This is a great option for those that know they will not be able to view all the recordings within each 24hr period.

As a one off exclusive The Women’s Wellness summit recordings will be up for grabs at a mere £39. The pre-sale will go live on 15th March and details on how to purchase your all access pass will be emailed over the next week.

You’ll be able to simply click into the links and enjoy the summit at a time that suits you. This programme will be yours to pour over, learn from the best and pick up priceless hints, tips and strategy’s to help manoeuvre the second phase with ease and in a safe environment of supportive women.

The summit goes live on 10th April at 8am and will run for three days.  It will be streamed from day one and is free to watch for up to 24hrs and is then removed and replaced with the next day’s content.

We want this summit to provide support for all women who wish to take back control of their wellness.

An all access pass for the full three days content, to keep and watch at your own leisure will be available on pre-sale from 15th March for just £39

To be part of this amazing free summit or to find out more about purchasing an all access pass, click here to register.