Keeping it simple

When it comes to diet, nutrition and all things healthy, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the wealth of information that is at our fingertips. Sometimes nutritional advice can be so conflicting that it can get confusing trying to sort out the truth from the nonsense and work out what we should really be putting on our plates for the good of our health, so read my advice below on keeping it simple.

Recently I have been working with a few clients who are feeling so lost in a world of nutritional overload, that they have lost sight of the basics. Sometimes it is the simple things that can have the biggest impact on our well-being, so let’s get back to basics, keep things simple and remember that the small changes we can make are the ones that will stick with us for a lifetime of better health.

  • Get back to the breakfast table…. instead of grabbing a piece of toast, or running out the door without breakfast, set your alarm ten minutes earlier and make breakfast a priority. Keep it simple. Porridge with some nuts and seeds, boiled egg with toasted rye bread or low-sugar granola with natural yoghurt will keep your energy levels sustained until lunchtime.
  • Pack a lunch – forget about spending a fortune every week on soggy sandwiches, limp salads and less than satisfying grub at lunchtime. By taking a packed lunch to work, you are building up your own personal health insurance, a meal at a time. I like to make super salads, chunky soups and mini frittatas in bulk – enough to do 2 or 3 lunches, so I only have to think about making a lunch a couple of times a week.
  • Cook in bulk. It doesn’t take long to rustle up a quick curry, nourishing soup or a hearty chilli for dinner, and by adding a few extra vegetables, a can of chickpeas or some extra lentils, you will have enough for an extra portion for tomorrow’s lunch or to freeze for a handy dinner another time.
  • Eat foods that are in season. Buying local foods helps you choose fruit & veg that is fresh and seasonal, to maximise the nutrients on your dinner plate.
  • Spice it up! Herbs and spices are packed with micronutrients, trace elements and phytochemicals with very specific health benefits. Turmeric, cayenne, parsley, garlic, rosemary, thyme, chilli, ginger – pack the herbs and spices in for a tasty way to good health.
  • Drink enough water. One of the simplest and most effective things we can do for the good of our health is to keep well hydrated. Set a bottle of water on your desk, drink a glass with lunch and dinner and you will soon be up to your daily quota. Before you know it, your energy, digestion and skin will be thanking you for those few extra glasses.