If you are struggling with kicking the sugar habit, here’s a few ideas that might help…

  1. Allow yourself a treat once or twice a week – e.g. Friday evenings & Sunday afternoons. I find that if you know you are allowed whatever takes your fancy at those times, you are less likely to crave it the rest of the time, and for lots of people, when Friday evening comes along they are not they bothered whether they have that bar of chocolate/bag of gummy bears/pack of biscuits… as the sugar cravings have reduced so much.
  2. Eat little and often – if our blood sugar levels drop, that’s when the honey monster strikes and we crave a sugar hit.
  3. Have some protein with each meal and snack to help maintain an even blood sugar balance.
  4. Try a supplement containing a balance of nutrients for blood sugar balance. For example, Higher Nature’s Metabolic Balance – a capsule with each meal. This is available at The Natural Dispensary – http://naturaldispensary.co.uk/products/Metabolic_Balance_90_s-5128-0.html