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When we talk about mental health, often the food we eat and the impact it has on our mood can get overlooked. More… https://t.co/add2LzXWLi @vitalnutrition 0 0
Let's talk menopause, hormonal changes can rock your world. From hot flushes & anxiety to low libido & joint pain.… https://t.co/PsFGUiZWTh @vitalnutrition 2 1
When it comes to your health, diet & exercise go hand in hand, what you eat before, during & after training can aff… https://t.co/LG8yjhoWLM @vitalnutrition 0 1
Recent news reports have been all over the idea that there should be a calorie count on menus in a bid to help cont… https://t.co/DobK1CljUD @vitalnutrition 2 3
If you’re a Facebook or Instagram fan, pop over & take a look at Vital Nutrition’s Sugar Fix 14-day challenge! Dail… https://t.co/LZkhtyFPcF @vitalnutrition 2 3
Veganism is popular but is it healthy? My latest blog explores the pros & cons of a plant based diet...… https://t.co/XkFyKWmsGr @vitalnutrition 0 0
RT @NIAuditOffice: Thanks to Jane from @vitalnutrition for her lunchtime session on 'Good Mood' Foods including live cooking demo! https://… @vitalnutrition 2 0
🍂 Hello Autumn, September feels like a fresh start & a time to get back on track after the relaxed months of summer… https://t.co/8a1o9N1R2k @vitalnutrition 1 2
What’s in your lunchbox? In @U105radio bistro with @TotallyHotNI working out how to pack in the most nutrition into… https://t.co/TDTbwB4XVM @vitalnutrition 0 2
A new school year not only means new uniforms and shiny shoes, for many families it means getting back to the routi… https://t.co/UiKftUxZlF @vitalnutrition 1 3
Back from holiday & back out there! 💫
Group discussions in full swing @nichstweet HQ this morning! ❤️
From shift wo… https://t.co/SrLcCxtUva
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Hard to believe the summer is over! September always feels like a fresh start. Take a look at my latest blog for so… https://t.co/kteJmfif3e @vitalnutrition 3 11
Awesome to hang out with @karenbbbpodcast & guest on her latest podcast episode. We discuss the recent “coconut oil… https://t.co/w7pcQrwkac @vitalnutrition 1 2
🌟Awesome to hang out with Karen from @karenbbbpodcast & guest on her latest episode.

We discuss the recent “coconu… https://t.co/VREIvlF9HW
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