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If you are in Enniskillen today, it’d be great to see you at @Unalilley1 @CentraNIR https://t.co/41FLVgcpgK @vitalnutrition 3 3
Take a look at my latest blog for thew low down on dietary fibre & why it's so important... https://t.co/5yjKhvLJ8C @vitalnutrition 2 4
Delighted to feature in the #womeninbusinessni Summer 2018 magazine with a feature on what Vital Nutrition can offe… https://t.co/mjDfqvkR5I @vitalnutrition 0 4
Last week I was chatting to you about how to manage sugar cravings. So now that your sweet tooth is under control,… https://t.co/ZBS660NVSl @vitalnutrition 1 4
Discovering the secrets of an anti-ageing diet with @TotallyHotNI in the @U105radio bistro this afternoon. What’s y… https://t.co/xVwCIiVjRE @vitalnutrition 1 2
Do you need a sugar fix? If your sweet tooth is leading you into temptation of chocolate, biscuits & sweets more of… https://t.co/0eDj2EfMVm @vitalnutrition 3 7
RT @HAFASNI: It’s the weekend & our judges will be busy looking through all the entries received! Let’s meet the panel who have a tough job… @vitalnutrition 2 0
I’m with @kerry_mclean @bbcradioulster with ideas for snacks and foods to give your nutrient intake a wee boost thi… https://t.co/jcsxkJF57H @vitalnutrition 2 4
One of the most important life lessons we can teach kids is how to cook a decent meal. No matter whether your child… https://t.co/cQ8iZaomD4 @vitalnutrition 4 9
Exercise is already a cornerstone of many workplace health and wellbeing strategies, but forward-thinking employers… https://t.co/9Mii9YSqp5 @vitalnutrition 1 1
Not a new story but still SO relevant... breakfast being the most important meal of the day has been drilled into m… https://t.co/LlM6Sn1QdS @vitalnutrition 0 2
Have you signed up for your free ten week nutrition plan yet? Check out https://t.co/k0g596wqsx for all the info. https://t.co/hsRAA0YTLz @vitalnutrition 1 4
One issue that tends to confuse people is the question of fats. What are the best oils to cook with, spread on & dr… https://t.co/cYoilwnepR @vitalnutrition 1 2

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