Exam Survival Diet

If you are spending your days with your head stuck in books, revising for the impending summer exams, here is Vital Nutrition’s Exam Survival Toolkit  to help maximise your brain power.

  • Break your fast!

Always eat breakfast to maintain and sustain energy and concentration. Here are a few ideas for breakfasts to eat on the morning of your exams:

  • Eggs – a super food for brain power. Boiled, poached or scrambled with some wholegrain toast will keep your mental energy ticking over.
  • Weetabix and Shredded wheat with banana & a handful of nuts
  • Porridge with sunflower seeds, banana & cinnamon
  • If you can’t face breakfast, have a smoothie. You will find some good ideas in The Vital Nutrition Cookbook. Try blending some fresh or frozen berries with coconut milk & yoghurt for a quick breakfast to keep you sustained.


  • Pack a snack

If you have a long day of exams or studying, you will need fuel to keep you going. Snack on a couple of oatcakes with sugar-free peanut butter, some fruit with yoghurt or dark chocolate with 4 or 5 brazil nuts.


  • Eat regularly

Skipping meals will affect your memory and concentration, as well as your mood, so make sure you eat at regular intervals. Taking regular breaks for meals and to get away from your books will mean that you come back to your studies feeling refreshed and ready to start again.

If you are off school or college on study break, here are a few examples of nutritious and delicious lunches for you:

  • wholemeal pitta pockets packed with chicken, salad & mustard
  • Quinoa Super Salad
  • houmous dip with vegetable sticks (carrot, celery, sugar snap peas) & a few oatcakes


  • Fat is essential!

Include some healthy fats in your diet. They are key ingredients for memory and concentration. A handful of nuts, some oily fish (think mackerel, salmon, sardines or trout), houmous or avocado are ideal.

  • Get outside!

Don’t stay cooped up inside for too long, Taking regular breaks is vital to maintain concentration. Get out on your bike, go for a walk or jog around the block. The fresh air and circulation will keep you fresh and help mood too.

  • Supplement

Higher Nature’s Concentration Support is designed to help support students taking exams. I would suggest taking it along with Smart Focus for best results.