Healthy New Year! It's time to ditch the diet...

Healthy New Year! It’s time to ditch the diet…

Happy New Year, lets make it a healthy New Year too! If you start January with good intentions to get your health, fitness and well-being back  in balance, that is fantastic. Just don’t be too hard on yourself by putting yourself on a strict diet, with unrealistic goals and complicated rules. Your long-term health, fitness and waistline will benefit more if you set yourself smaller challenges that are easy to achieve rather than following the latest fad diet or extreme fitness challenge. Why not choose one small thing that you can do for the good of your health this week, and then set yourself another goal next week. By the end of 4-6 weeks, these mini-goals will add up to a healthier new you!

Here are a few ideas for your goal-setting:

  1. Have a clear out – the only way to avoid temptation is to take temptation out of your kitchen. It is time to get rid of anything that is not doing your health any favours… Chuck out the remainders of the tins of sweets, the dregs of the brandy butter and the biscuits that are past their best.
  2. Go shopping – make yourself a shopping list of the foods you need to make sure your fridge and cupboards are stocked with nourishing healthy snacks.
  3. Eat more fat – good fats will help regulate your appetite, balance metabolism and support fat-burning. Avocados, unroasted/unsalted nuts and seeds, full-fat houmous, coconut oil, olive oil, oily fish, olives – eat some good fats with every meal to leave you feeling satisfied and reduce sugar cravings.
  4. Eat more greens – green leafy vegetables like kale, spinack, pak choi and savoy cabbage are powerhouses of nutrition. As alkaline-forming foods, greens are thought to be essential for any detox diet.
  5. Eat enough! Eating three healthy, nourishing meals, packed with good fats and sufficient protein should keep you satisfied enough to keep hunger at bay between meals. If this sounds like a big challenge, aim to avoid snacks on just 2 days each week and you will soon notice the difference.
  6. Eat mindfully. Instead of grabbing breakfast on the run, eating at your desk or in the car at lunchtime and eating dinner in front of the TV, take time out of your day to find a quiet space to sit at a table and eat your food properly. You are likely to feel more satisfied and crave less as your brain gets the message that your body has been fed.
  7. Hydrate yourself  with pure, fresh clean water. Drink one & a half to two litres every day.
  8. Exercise outside – research shows that exercising outdoors is better for our mental health than being stuck inside a gym, so find an outdoors exercise class like Tribal Fitness Bootcamps, get out on your bike or jog outside.

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