I love chocolate!

I love chocolate! I am a nutritional therapist with a chocolate habit! I love the stuff, so I get it when clients tell me they have a sweet tooth. Over the years I have found a way to curb the cravings and not give into temptation, so here’s what works for me.

One thing that helps me to control the cravings and not go crazy on the stuff is to treat my treats as treats. So I eat chocolate, but stick to just once a week. I know that this sounds outrageous and as if I am some sort of control freak, but it didn’t start off this way. At one time I was eating a bar of chocolate every day, hiding wrappers and pretending my diet was 100% healthy. I was addicted to the stuff and found it almost impossible to stop. So, I started weaning myself off – first it was a bar every other day, then every 3 days and now Friday is my chocolate day.

I am not talking about the 85% or raw cacao healthy version here, I am talking a bar of dairy milk, twirl or galaxy – the common-or-garden variety most of us utterly love.

My Friday rule helps me control the chocolate  urge, so if I get a craving mid week I can handle it as it is not long to wait until Friday. It works the other way too – and I can hardly believe I am saying this, but sometimes when it gets to Friday I don’t really feel like eating chocolate, so I go without, or have some over the weekend instead.

If I told myself I was never allowed chocolate again, I would go crazy for the stuff and eat far too much of it.  I treat my treats as treats – I eat chocolate, but not every day, and sometimes not even every week, but I eat it. When I do have some, I love it and savour every mouthful.  If I tell myself I am going to quit, I can’t get chocolate off my mind, but if I know I can indulge every now and then, when I really want it, it is not such a big deal.


It works for me. What works for you?

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