Let's go sugar-free!

Anyone fancy joining me on a sugar clear out?

Sugar (not fat!) is the number one reason why we are getting fatter. If you make one change to your diet, make it a good one – cut right back on your sugar intake.

Sugar is empty calories – it provides a ready source of energy, but that’s it. It’s devoid of essential vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. OK, it may taste good, but after just a few days off your regular sugar intake and you will start to notice how sweet food is naturally, without the addition of sugar.

Don’t think of this as an all-or-nothing challenge, instead, make small, simple changes.

  •  Just think about cutting sugar from your diet between Monday and Friday – that’s just 5 short days.
  • Start the week as you mean to go on. Cut all obvious sugar sources like chocolate, biscuits, sweets, jam, marmalade, sugary drinks out of your diet.
  • It’s really important to have some handy alternatives to munch on to stop you giving in to the sugar monster. Try snacking an apple with (sugar-free!) peanut butter, a couple of oatcakes with cheese or a wee handful of nuts to keep you going and minimise cravings.
  • You can do it!