Spring Clean Your Diet

Lighter evenings and sunny days are on the way as the clocks change next weekend. If you have been in winter hibernation, all this talk of sunshine, might put you in the mood for a radical clean up of your diet.

Although not quite time to pack away the slow cooker and wave goodbye to soups and stews (we can still have hail and snow in April so says Barra Best!), you might be thinking of making some seasonal changes to your diet at this time of year, so here’s a little help, from me to you…

  1. Eat with the seasons – kale, leeks, cauliflower, purple sprouting and scallions are some of spring’s seasonal vegetables. These winning foods are packed with sulphur, which helps support liver cleansing and skin health, so pack them into your diet. Aim to eat one of these pungent foods at last 4 x week for maximum effect. Try making kale crisps, or having cauliflower rice as an accompaniment to your curry for a creative but healthy twist.
  2. Eat a new food every week. If you end up eating the same, boring food week in, week out, its time to shake your diet up a bit and bring some more variety in by popping a new vegetable or fruit into your trolley every week. Keep it simple – nothing fancy, for example seasonal kiwis instead of apples, cauliflower instead of broccoli or spinach for your salads instead of lettuce.
  3. Drink water – simple, but effective. Central heating and colder days mean skin can feel a bit dehydrated in springtime. Aim to drink 6-8 glasses of pure, fresh, clean water every day to moisturise yourself form the inside, out!
  4. Change your breakfast. As spring has sprung, why not change your winter porridge to overnight oats (soak your oats in milk or natural yoghurt overnight with some grated apple and a handful of seeds), a low sugar granola with Greek yoghurt, or a quick omelette.
  5. Eat enough – don’t go on a low fat, low calorie starvation diet to trigger weight loss – they rarely work out, and will leave you feeling tired, grumpy and craving chocolate. Instead, eat enough at breakfast to keep you going until lunch, eat a more substantial lunch with enough protein to fuel you through the afternoon and a lighter dinner to keep the balance right.
  6. If you have a few pounds to shift, try cutting back on carbs at your evening meal. The only thing we use carbohydrate for is energy, so if you can make some healthy swaps weight loss tends to be the result, plus you end up eating more vegetables, so you get a double bonus! Try swapping spuds to sweet potato, rice for cauliflower rice, or pasta to spiralised vegetables.
  7. Step outside. Come rain, hail or shine, getting outside can lift your mood and put a spring in your step. Open your front door, and get out for a walk, jog, skip or cycle!


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