Stress less...

‘Slow down, take it easy now. You’ve come a long way now rest for a while.’ – wise words from one of my favourite local musicians, Malojian

Most of us live a fast pace of life, doing our best to juggle work, rest and play. Over the last few years I have seen more and more people at the brink of burn out, simply because we push our limits too hard, too far, too often.

Often when we feel stressed or anxious, we reach for a chocolate bar or pour ourselves another cup of coffee, when what your body really needs is some powerful nutrition to help those struggling little adrenal glands cope with the onslaught of adrenalin.

Here are Vital Nutrition’s hot picks for adrenal support:

  • Sit down, slow down. Make time for meals. Get away from your desk, sit at a table to eat and scheduled in a lunch break.
  • Eat lots of green leafy vegetables. They are packed with magnesium to help support your adrenals.
  • Add a little sea salt to your meals. Not too much, just enough to taste. This helps rebalance your electrolytes and minerals.
  • Pack a snack. Carry nuts, fruit, or a healthy protein bar with you to keep you going if you get sugar cravings. Try the Pulsin protein bars as a healthy choice.
  • Use an app like Headspace for simple, effective way to help you switch off.
  • Get outside – a breath of fresh air does wonders for stress relief.