Summertime and the eating is easy...

As the weather heats up and time slows down, diets and healthy eating can go one of two ways – either you are on a crash diet to fit into last year’s summer clothes, or you have given up all thoughts of healthy eating and are looking forward to summer BBQs, ice cream and fish & chips by the seaside.

Either way, summertime eating does not have to be all or nothing, so here’s my plan for eating well on summer days.

  • If you are heading out for a day trip, a nourishing breakfast will start your day on a high. I love buckwheat pancakes with berries and yoghurt, or Bircher Muesli (otherwise known as overnight oats) at this time of the year for a really tasty breakfast.
  • Pack a healthy snack. Fresh fruit, nuts and seeds, trail mix and homemade low-sugar flapjacks, with quinoa super salad or filled wholemeal pitta pockets, are what I will be packing to keep my body well fuelled for energetic summertime adventures.
  • Keep well hydrated during the day, especially if the weather starts to heat up, as dehydration will leave you feeling lethargic, grumpy and hungry. Drink enough water so your pee is a light colour…!
  • Share healthy food with friends and family. BBQs, picnics and festival season are great opportunities to share simple, tasty, fresh food with your favourite people, so why not make it healthy. Oily fish like trout, salmon, mackerel and fresh sardines taste amazing, especially when served alongside grilled peppers, fresh salads and lots of herbs. Simple salads are often the tastiest, especially when made with really fresh ingredients – I love tomatoes and basil with olive oil, sea salt and black pepper. Simply delicious!
  • Enjoy the very best of our local produce. Whether you grow your own, or rely on local farmers to supply your dinner plate, there is plenty of tasty food on offer at this time of year. What could be better than a plate of new spuds with a spot of butter and scallions, some peas straight from their pods and some freshly caught caught mackerel, followed by sweet strawberries and a little ice-cream (remember the word is ‘little’, not lots!)? Nutritious and delicious and perfect to replenish your energy after an energetic day of walking, cycling or swimming in the great outdoors.

Whether you are walking in the mountains, basking on a beach or picnicking in your own back yard, enjoy the summer, whatever the weather!

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