Nutrition for Men’s Health

Yesterday was Father’s Day, so it’s the perfect time to talk about optimum nutrition for men’s health. Unfortunately, men tend to draw the short straw in the health stakes from mid-life onwards, with a shorter life expectancy than women and an increased risk of heart attack and strokes. Testosterone levels decline naturally as men age, […]

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Why I’ll still be cracking into eggs for breakfast

Is there another food that has had such a hard time from headlines and more health scares than eggs? The original ‘Go to work on an egg’ headlines encouraged us to swap our cornflakes for a boiled egg as a nourishing way to start the day. Then along came the fear of high cholesterol and the […]

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Eat yourself to sleep – 10 tips for better shut-eye

A good night’s sleep leaves us refreshed, revived and ready to start the day with a spring in our step. With the recommended eight hours a night, sleep plays a significant role in healing and repairing our body. Insomnia and erratic sleep patterns have been associated with everything from obesity and cardiovascular disease, to depression […]

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