Is diet a risk factor in severe cases of Covid-19?

We are eating far too much junk food and it has got to stop. We are eating our way into a lifetime of ill-health and chronic disease, and now it seems we are putting ourselves at higher risk of severe symptoms and hospital admission for Covid-19.

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A few ideas to help you crack the sugar habit

We know that sugar has a negative impact on our weight, but it also affects how well our immune system functions, with some reports suggesting that our immunity is weakened for up to seven hours after consuming sugary foods and drinks. That’s not to mention the impact our sugar habit has on our energy levels, mood and hormones. So if you are craving too much of the white stuff, I have a few ideas to help you crack the habit.

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Feeling Sad? Tips for beating the winter blues

For many of us, the darker nights and limited daylight hours can make us feel a little more sluggish, but for some people the change of season can trigger the onset of more severe symptoms of low mood or depression, fatigue and anxiety. Seasonal Affective Disorder (Sad) is thought to affect one in 15 of […]

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