Weight loss: what works?

We all want a dietary quick fix – the magic bullet that helps us lose weight, fast! From intermittent fasting and low carb, to calorie counting and diet shakes, there are endless diets making promises for fast, fat-burning results. So, what really works? The short answer is there is no such thing as one diet […]

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Ten Good Things

When it comes to diet and nutrition, the rules and restrictions of healthy eating can seem overwhelming – and quite honestly, entirely off-putting. One week, headlines tell us that we should all be eating less fat, the next week the message is low sugar. No wonder we end up feeling dazed and confused about the […]

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Weight loss – what works?

Weight loss diets and trends come and go. From low fat diets, to calorie counting and low carb to high protein, it seems that every passing fad is a short term fix. Over the years, I have noticed a few trends that have stood the test of time. If you want to change your diet to […]

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How healthy are you and can eating affect that?

How would it feel to be 100 per cent super duper healthy? When I ask that question in the workshops that I run, the first thing people usually say is “to feel energised”, closely followed by “happiness”. Sunday April 7 was World Health Day. According to the WHO (The World Health Organisation), the definition of health […]

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How to control sugar cravings

Do you have a sweet tooth? Wondering how you can control your sugar cravings? If so, you are not alone. It is estimated that the average adult eats 130 teaspoons of sugar a week. That’s three times that recommended by the WHO. Our sugar consumption has got out of control and it is wreaking havoc […]

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Nutrition is about much more than the sum of calories in food

Recent news reports have been all over the idea that there should be a calorie count on menus in cafes, restaurants and your favourite takeaway in a bid to help control the obesity epidemic. While I am all for helping people to make healthier choices, I am not entirely in agreement that calorie counting is a […]

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Chewing the fat!

For far too many years, the diet industry has been encouraging us to limit our intake of calories in a quest to lose weight. A low calorie diet inevitably means a low fat diet, as gram for gram fat contains more calories than the other macros in our diet, providing 9kcals per gram compared to […]

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Not all calories are equal

A third of us underestimate how many calories we work our way through each day. That’s according to a new report from the Office of National Statistics. They reckon that we eat about 1000kcals more than we think we do. So whether the people that took part in the survey gave an under-estimate to look good […]

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eat more fat
Eat More Fat!!!

Eat More Fat!!! Yes, you read that right! But I’ll say it again – eat more fat!!! Over the years most of us have succumbed to the enticing promises of a low fat diet. This has left us deficient in a nutrient that can help us to lower weight, balance cholesterol levels and promote healthy […]

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