Vitamin C is not a cure for Covid-19, but it’s still a good nutritional supplement

This week, a former contestant on The Apprentice was pulled up by the Advertising Standards Agency for making claims that his product was a “cure for coronavirus”. What a thing to say! The product in question is called Revival Shots and they contain 500mg vitamin C. Not only is this totally irresponsible and misleading, it also highlights a big issue in how nutrition can be misinterpreted.

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Vitamin D’s role in supporting our immune system

The potential effects of vitamin D on Covid-19 are thought to be through its multiple actions on our immune system, including its antiviral and anti-inflammatory effects.

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A few ideas to help you crack the sugar habit

We know that sugar has a negative impact on our weight, but it also affects how well our immune system functions, with some reports suggesting that our immunity is weakened for up to seven hours after consuming sugary foods and drinks. That’s not to mention the impact our sugar habit has on our energy levels, mood and hormones. So if you are craving too much of the white stuff, I have a few ideas to help you crack the habit.

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Coronavirus – how to support a healthy immune system

By now, most of us are making an effort to wash our hands more regularly, and some of us have been stockpiling toilet rolls, hand sanitiser and pasta in case of self-isolation, but what else can we do to help support our immune system and build our defences against coronavirus?

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Vital Nutrition for Flu Season

With the coronavirus continuing to spread throughout the world, and China in lockdown, this year’s flu season is a global health emergency. The flu tends to hit at this time of year, and most of us will get away with mild symptoms, but even these symptoms can be enough to knock us off our feet […]

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Immune Boosters

If you have been feeling a little under the weather, a bit run down, and just not quite as healthy as you would like to feel, I have a few simple immune boosters that most of us will find easy to include in our regular diet. My top ten immune boosters: Berries – dark coloured berries […]

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Eating to boost your immune system for winter

As Autumn settles in and the nights get darker our health can take a bit of a downturn. Earlier this year, The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) recommended that honey and over-the-counter medications should be used for coughs and colds before turning to our GP to ask for an antibiotic. The common cold […]

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