Has lockdown changed how you think about food?

Taking time to cook and nourish ourselves is the very best thing any of us can do for the good of our health. It is well documented that people who cook are healthier than those who don’t. It makes sense, doesn’t it? When we cook from scratch, we know what is in our food and we are unlikely to use fillers, E numbers and weird sounding chemicals, often listed as ‘ingredients’ on food labels of processed foods.

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How to pack your kids a healthy lunch

The start of a new school year not only means new uniforms and shiny shoes, for many families September means getting back to the routine of making packed lunches for your little ones. So how do you pack your kids a healthy lunch? ::What’s in your child’s lunchbox? Around 42 per cent of children in […]

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Think Outside the Lunchbox!

If your kids are feeling the back-to-school blues, maybe a few new ideas for their lunchbox is just the thing to boost mood, help concentration and make sure their energy levels don’t flag come 2pm. Vital Nutrition’s School Lunch Box Checklist Make it colourful – a rainbow of colourful fruit and vegetables will ensure your […]

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