Vitamin D’s role in supporting our immune system

The potential effects of vitamin D on Covid-19 are thought to be through its multiple actions on our immune system, including its antiviral and anti-inflammatory effects.

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Multi-vitamins: do we need them?

So many of us take a daily nutritional supplement as a little extra health insurance alongside our healthy diet, popping a supplement into our shopping trolley alongside our vegetables, oily fish, seeds and all the other food we buy to help keep ourselves well nourished. Do you take a multi-vitamin? Whether you buy your multinutrient […]

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Brain food – what to eat if you’re doing exams

Exam season is fast approaching, and students everywhere are cramming in as much revision as possible. If you are on the brink of sitting your GCSEs, A-levels or end-of-year exams, spare a thought for how the food you eat could help to optimise your brain power. Simply making a few changes to what you choose […]

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Do you know what’s in your daily multivitamin?

Do you take a daily multivitamin? How do you know if it’s doing you any good? In an age where we can buy cheap multivitamins off the shelf at the supermarket for a few quid, or spend a hefty wadge of cash on more expensive ones from health-food shops and specialist online stores, do you […]

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Is Veganuary good for your health?

January is the time when most of us take a look at our habits and lifestyle and try to make some changes to better ourselves a little. This year, Veganuary is the buzzword of the season, as plenty of us turn to a vegan diet for January in a quest to feel healthier, fitter, and […]

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Eating to boost your immune system for winter

As Autumn settles in and the nights get darker our health can take a bit of a downturn. Earlier this year, The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) recommended that honey and over-the-counter medications should be used for coughs and colds before turning to our GP to ask for an antibiotic. The common cold […]

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A quick guide to curbing your sugar cravings

Do you need a sugar fix? If your sweet tooth is leading you into the temptation of chocolate, biscuits and sweets more often than is healthy, it could be more than just a matter of lack of willpower. We all know the dangers of too much sugar in our diet – from obesity and type […]

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