Vitamin D’s role in supporting our immune system

The potential effects of vitamin D on Covid-19 are thought to be through its multiple actions on our immune system, including its antiviral and anti-inflammatory effects.

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Multi-vitamins: do we need them?

So many of us take a daily nutritional supplement as a little extra health insurance alongside our healthy diet, popping a supplement into our shopping trolley alongside our vegetables, oily fish, seeds and all the other food we buy to help keep ourselves well nourished. Do you take a multi-vitamin? Whether you buy your multinutrient […]

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Celebrate healthy Irish food on St Patrick’s Day

When we think of traditional Irish food, it’s often soda bread and Irish stew that spring to mind. As a nation of farmers and fishermen, we have a glut of healthy, locally produced Irish food on offer, so as the St Patrick’s Day celebrations get under way and the Guinness is flowing, let’s take a […]

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Why you should eat your greens (and purples)

The term ‘superfood’ is often used to describe exotic foods that are relatively new to our diet, with exotic names like acai, goji or chia, but there are a group of green (and purple) super-duper foods that the Irish have been eating for generations that promise a myriad of health benefits. Brassicas or cruciferous vegetables […]

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Chewing the fat!

For far too many years, the diet industry has been encouraging us to limit our intake of calories in a quest to lose weight. A low calorie diet inevitably means a low fat diet, as gram for gram fat contains more calories than the other macros in our diet, providing 9kcals per gram compared to […]

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Eggs are not just for Easter

If you were off chocolate for lent, I’m sure you were eagerly anticipating munching your way through at least one chocolate Easter egg at the weekend.Whether chocolate, painted, rolled or hunted, eggs are synonymous with Easter celebrations as a symbol of new life, fertility and rebirth. The tradition of painting eggs pre-dates Christianity as a […]

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