Should we change our diet coming out of lockdown?

Most of us embark on a diet when we notice our jeans are a bit tighter than they used to be, or if there is a big event like a holiday to look forward to. In these strange times of lockdown we have less incentive, as hanging out in loungewear with added lycra creates more space for the muffin top. From low fat to low carb, it seems everyone has an opinion on how best to lose weight. So let’s get back to basics and, as the politicians keep saying, be ‘led by science’.

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A few ideas to help you crack the sugar habit

We know that sugar has a negative impact on our weight, but it also affects how well our immune system functions, with some reports suggesting that our immunity is weakened for up to seven hours after consuming sugary foods and drinks. That’s not to mention the impact our sugar habit has on our energy levels, mood and hormones. So if you are craving too much of the white stuff, I have a few ideas to help you crack the habit.

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The truth about calorie counting

Rather than simply accepting the idea that calories make us fat, it is important to look at where those calories come from. There is a huge difference between the effect of eating these extra 100kcals in the form of cookies, sweets and white bread as opposed to broccoli, fish or seeds.

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What to eat or not eat if you have high blood pressure

It is estimated that about one in eight people in Northern Ireland have high blood pressure, although many of us may be symptom-free and don’t even realise it is affecting us. If left untreated, high blood pressure or hypertension is a risk factor for heart attacks and stroke.   So what is high blood pressure?  As […]

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Eat your heart out – nutrition for a healthy ticker

Northern Ireland has one of the highest rates of heart disease in the world, with heart attacks and strokes remaining our biggest killer. There are several risk factors thought to be linked to an increased risk of heart disease, including high blood pressure and cholesterol levels, stress, poor eating habits, genetics, smoking and being overweight. […]

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Sunny spell lays bare obesity problem

Seduced by the heat of the sun, t-shirts have been whipped off and legs that have been in hibernation since last summer have seen the light of day. If you have noticed an extra inch or a little more wobble with each passing summer, you are not alone. Research shows that, in the past 20 years, […]

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What has changed in our society to make so many of us fat & sick?

Recent headlines have not been great news for our health, and perhaps a sign that our nutrition is out of balance. Type 2 diabetes has increased by 62% since 2007 and more than 7 in 10 millenials will be overweight or obese by the time they reach middle age. Is this a sign of our times? What has […]

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eat more fat
Eat More Fat!!!

Eat More Fat!!! Yes, you read that right! But I’ll say it again – eat more fat!!! Over the years most of us have succumbed to the enticing promises of a low fat diet. This has left us deficient in a nutrient that can help us to lower weight, balance cholesterol levels and promote healthy […]

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Lose weight the easy way!

Lose 10lbs in 4 weeks, drop a dress size in 7 days, lose belly fat fast! These are some of the headlines that sell newspapers and magazines, but what is the real truth behind successful weight loss? Over the years, I have seen hundreds of clients who struggle with their weight, and there are usually […]

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